• $55 Application Fee Due At Time of Application (Per Person, Non-Refundable)
  • All occupants over the age of 18 must submit an application and be a signor on the lease.
  • *There may be an additional application fee as required by certain condominiums and communities.
  • Dogs and cats may be accepted at certain properties on a case by case basis.
  • Some Properties Require A Pet Deposit In Addition To The Regular Pet Fee
  • Click HERE to view our pet policy.
All properties leased through Florida Sun & Sand Realty are NON-SMOKING.
1. All adult applicants 18 years or older must submit a fully completed, dated, and signed residency application. Each adult applicant must provide a government issued photo ID. A non-refundable application/administrative fee of $55.00 is due for each individual or guarantor who is to be a party to the lease. A pet questionnaire is also required if pets are permitted. Any applicant who does not have a 2 year residence history in Florida may be required to pay an additional application/administrative fee, which fee may vary from state to state. In the event applicant is renting a unit governed by a condominium or homeowner’s association, the applicant may be required to submit a separate application, pay a separate application fee, and pay an additional security deposit. Application/administrative fees, deposits and all money due before move-in must be paid via the online tenant portal. Applicant will not have a right to occupy the property until the funds clear payee’s bank. Only funds drawn on a U.S. bank will be accepted. Application turnaround time is generally 1-2 business days. Employment, landlord or out of state verifications may take up to an additional 3 business days. 
2. Applicants must have a combined gross income of at least (2.5) two and one-half times the monthly rent. A minimum of two (2) years residential rental or ownership history is required. A credit score of 600 is desired and must not contain judgments, eviction filing, collections, liens or bankruptcy within the past five (5) years. All bankruptcies must be fully discharged. We will not provide you with the credit report or tell you of its contents. See Disclosure 1 below. 
3. Self employed applicants are required to produce upon request two (2) years of tax returns or 1099s. Non-employed individuals must provide proof of income. All sources of other income must be verifiable if needed to qualify for a rental unit. 
4. Criminal records are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
5. Previous rental history reports from landlords must reflect timely payment, sufficient notice of intent to vacate, no complaints regarding noise, disturbances or illegal activities, no NSF checks, and no damage to unit or failure to leave the property clean and without damage at time of lease termination. 
6. No pets (with the exception of service animals) of any kind are permitted without specific written permission of Landlord in the lease. A non-refundable pet fee acceptable to Landlord and/or an additional pet deposit or additional security deposit may be required. Certificate of medical necessity is required for service animals and additional pet fees/deposits are waived for these animals. The following breeds of dog will not be accepted due to insurance liability: Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pit Bulls (A.K.A. Staffordshire Terriers), Bull Terriers, Wolf hybrids, German Shepherds, Chows. If pets are allowed at the property you are renting, proof of canine liability coverage ($100,000 minimum) will be required prior to occupancy.
7. Landlord reserves the right to determine the amount the Tenant(s) will be required to pay as security deposit and additional prepaid rent depending on the results of this report. NOTE: Any request for exceptions to these criteria must be submitted in writing to the rental associate for presentation to the Landlord for consideration. If approval is then given for such exceptions, Landlord reserves the right to require additional security, a guarantor or co-signer, or additional advance rent payments or any combination of the above. 
8. The number of occupants must be in compliance with HUD standards/guidelines for the applied for unit.
9. It is the Landlord’s right to report all non-compliance with terms of your lease agreement or failure to pay rent or any other charges to the credit bureau. As the Landlord’s agent, we may submit non-payment information to the credit bureau at the Landlord’s request. 
10. A minimum non-refundable cleaning fee may be charged at to the Resident(s) at time of leasing the property. It will be used at the end of your lease term to cover any needed cleaning and rekeying. Resident(s) shall still be liable for amounts for damages, cleaning, re keying etc that exceed this non refundable cleaning fee.
11. Renters insurance in not required (unless you are bringing a pet), but it is strongly suggested. Loss or damage to your personal property is not covered by the insurance policy of the owner. Likewise, injuries to your guests are not covered by the owner’s policy.
12. Payment of a Holding Deposit does not in any way guarantee that the applicant will be approved for the unit for which application was made. The unit will remain on the market for rent until applicant and Landlord have bilaterally executed a lease. If the application is approved and applicant fails to enter into a lease, the applicant shall forfeit this deposit. Once this application is approved, this deposit shall be applied to moneys due under the lease terms. All deposits are held in a non-interest bearing account. 
13. The following advance payments are commonly due before move-in: First month rent, last month rent and security deposit and any prorated rent for a partial month as required by the lease document. Additionally, if you have pets, you can expect one or all of the requirements listed in paragraph 6. 
DISCLOSURE 1:  Pursuant to the Federal Fair Housing Law (The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988), we do not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.
DISCLOSURE 2: Pursuant to Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15, U.S.C. Section 1681, et seq., as amended by the Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act of 1996, if the landlord denies you residency or asks for additional security deposit or advance rent based on the information obtained from this application you may request a copy of your credit report from the credit reporting agency within 60 days of your denied application for residency. The credit reporting service named in an adverse action letter has provided information to us; and has made a decision based upon our criteria. 
DISCLOSURE 3: Pursuant to Florida law, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is required to maintain a list of sexual predators and sex offenders to enable the public to request information about these individuals living in their communities. Tenants who deem this information material should contact FDLE toll free at 1-888-357-7332, via e-mail at, or via the Internet at 
DISCLOSURE: 4: At some point prior to entering into a lease, you may be provided with information regarding the school boundaries for a particular property. Due to school overcrowding in certain areas, school boundaries are subject to change. As a result, the information provided to you may not be accurate or current, even though it appears to be from a reliable source. If this information is important to you, contact the local school board directly to verify the correct school boundaries for the particular property you are intending to rent prior to signing a lease.
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